Sunday Jackpot Raffle Prize $8,050!!! Now with more chances to win! PUBLIC Welcome. Come out and GET IN IT AND WIN IT!

Sunday, October 1, 2023

JACKPOT RAFFLE – Like The Queen of Hearts!

The Prize listed is what you could win, minus Taxes!

You also have a chance to win 5% of the existing pot!


Someone hit the Ace of Spades to start a new board. The game will now go on with a new board until someone wins the jackpot! You can still get 5% on the new board if you hit the Ace of Spades!!

Come out and try your luck at the “Jackpot Raffle”, a card game. Ticket Donation is $5ea or 5 for $20

1. Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. We will be selling one (1) color ticket. 75% of Gameday Ticket Sales are rolled over into the next week’s Pot!

  1. There are 54 cards on the board. Two of them are Jokers. We will remove the Jokers from the draw deck therefore using only 52 cards in the draw deck because we cannot be certain that the Jokers in the deck match up exactly to the Jokers on the board which is not a fair card turn.
  2. If your ticket has been selected, you will automatically receive $50 and a chance to draw a card. If you select a Joker on the Board while trying to match your draw card you will receive an additional $100 as a consolation prize. The card you drew from the deck will then be returned to the draw deck for future drawings
  3. If you match the card you draw with your selection on the board, you win the entire Jackpot**. If you select a card on the board that is different from the card you draw, the card from the board will be removed from the deck and punched. The card that you drew will be placed back in the deck for future drawings.
  4. If you select the ACE of SPADES on the BOARD and it doesn’t match your draw card, you automatically win 5% of the current Jackpot**. The game will then restart the next week with the rollover pot, a new board, and a new deck.

*NOTE* The game will only roll over 2 times, and then run until a “Jackpot” winner is drawn. The 5% ACE of SPADES will still be a winner after the 2d Rollover.

  1. The drawings will continue weekly until a winner is matched.
    Good Luck and thank you for supporting VFW Post 9545.
    ** Minus all applicable taxes.
    You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to play. Rev:05/30/2023

Tickets go on sale Sunday the day of the drawing, starting at 2 pm and the drawing is at 4 pm. Must be present at the time of drawing to play. After the Jackpot Drawing, we will be running a 50/50 raffle at 4:30 p.m. for a chance at some instant cash. When the 50/50 is over, we will have a 2nd chance drawing at 5:30 pm. The 2nd chance pot is $50 and if the winner isn’t present, another ticket is drawn until there is a winner. More chances to win. $3 Domestic Bottles and 5 Domestic Bottle buckets are $12

You can also enjoy our “Video Slots and Poker” while you are there for the Jackpot Raffle. Closer than the boats, you don’t have to fight that nasty I-80 truck traffic. Try your luck. There is plenty of parking available and handicapped accessible.

PUBLIC is WELCOME!!! Must be 21 to play.


All proceeds benefit Local Veterans.

2 ATMs- Visa/MasterCard/Discover accepted at the bar.

Easy to get to. Close to I-80 and also I-355.

323 Old Hickory Rd, New Lenox, IL. 60451. Plug it into your GPS! 815.485.8369 –